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Hi, my name is Mike Kamo and I’m always looking
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Hi, my name is Mike Kamo and I’m always looking for great businesses to acquire or help grow.

My only question is: will it be yours?

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Startup failure is most common when the company has 11–50 employees. Source: Failory

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I've helped build legendary companies from idea to scale and beyond.

For over a decade, I’ve helped build 1 company to 100M+ revenue, 2 companies to 10M+, and several companies scale from 1M to 5M+

Selling your company can be tough. After months of negotiation, you're usually left with a bunch of legal fees and no deal.

If you're really lucky and your deal closes, your bank balance gets a whole lot bigger... Then you get to watch the new owners wreck the business you spent your life building.

After going through it way too many times ourselves, we’ve become the buyer we wish we could have sold to.

That means fair, fast, and founder-friendly deals.

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There are many solid explanations why you expect your revenue to grow rapidly at an accelerated rate at a given time. Are you ready to grow?

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A few success stories

Hello Bar

Hello Bar Hello Bar is a customizable, relatively unobtrusive bar that sits at the top of a website and directs visitors with a call to action.

We grew this company 400% in under 2 years by adjusting pricing to better fit the market, rolling out additional features and decreased churn through solid customer success strategies.

Growth Collective

Growth Collective is a rare marketing-skills freelancers Marketplace providing a white glove matchmaking service between freelancers and brands.

In under a year, we doubled revenue by building the right team around the product. Hired a sales leader, launched a Customer Success division, and went from a no-code basic solution to a robust tech platform that has enabled the platform to scale.

NP Digital

NP Digital is a performance marketing agency built by marketers, for marketers.

Although this wasn’t an acquisition, it’s worth mentioning that at only 5 years old Neil and I have built an agency that spans over 750+ employees across 6 countries. Even in this rough 2022 economy we are still experiencing what we call “rocketship growth.”

Answer The Public

Answer The Public listens to autocomplete data from search engines like Google then quickly cranks out every useful phrase and question people are asking around your keyword.
We made this acquisition in April 2022 which came with no employees. We've added a developer, designer, and product person to the team. Growth has been steady and we have huge feature updates coming in 2023.

Do you know?

The average age of tech startup founders is 39. Experience alone does not make a team successful — soft skills such as “entrepreneurial passion” and “shared strategic vision” are required as well. Source: Harvard Business Review
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